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Below is a brief history of Koovery Lavil Thrikovil Sree Krishna Temple.

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Temple History

The temple and its premises are owned by Maniyal Illam. The Maniyal kokkunnath Illam was once very rich and they were the owner of the majority of land situated in north eastern hilly region of Taliparamba taluk. At that time the temple was neatly maintained and worshipped by them as their family deity. The population and households in this region were also meagrein those days. As time passed by all land except the temple and its small premises were lost by the Maniyal Illam and they were unable to maintain the temple and the temple was on the verge of closure.

The all mighty Lord Sree Krishna would not allow the closure of the temple it was proved. The handful of families residing nearby the temple took the responsibility of maintaining the temple. Each family contributed from their daily earnings for the daily "Nivedyam" and other expenses of the temple. The main persons and families contributed for the day-to- day functioning of the temple were Sri. T Janardhanan Nair, Sri. K Narayanan Nair, Sri. Pullaykodi Narayanan Nambiar, Sri. T V Kunhambu, Sri. Kariyil Kannan, Pullayikodi Tharwad, Sri. C C Krishnan Nair, Sri K Govindan Nambiar etc. Later the worshippers formed a committee from among them and the committee took the responsibility of the functioning of the temple without hindrance. As time passed the worshippers and the committee decided to have the temple committee registered under the Societies Act and thus on 10th October 1980 a committee headed by Sri. T Janardhanan Nair as President, Sri K.V Balan as Secretary and the Temple 'Ooraalan' as permanent member, was registered at the Dist. Registrar's Office Thalassery.

Main Diety-Sree Krishna

Lord Sree Krishna is bekieved is the 9th avathar of lord Vishnu.

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Sub Diety-Shasthavu

Also Known as Ayyappa is the sun of the Shiva

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Main Saint

The main saint is Sri M K Maheshwaran Namboodiri (Ooralan).

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Present Committee

The present committe of the Sree Krishna Temple

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