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Below is a short list of the major festivals celebrated in the Koovery Sree Krishna Temple

Janmashtami: Birthday of Lord Sree Krishna

The Birthday of the Lord Sri Krishna is the most auspicious day as far as the temple is concerned.

Every year Janmashtami day (Ashtami Rohini) in the moth of Chingam is celebrated with Special Poojas, Niramala etc.

Special Milk 'Payasam' is offered to Bhagavan and distributed among devotees.

Janmashtami-Sree Krishna Jayanthi
Prathishta Dhinam

Prathishta Dinam

Thulam 23rd of every Malayalam year is the "Prathishta Dinam" of the temple at present and it is celebrated with Special Poojas, Niramala etc.

On this occasion special 'Thayambaka', different temple Art forms such as 'Ottanthullal' etc are also performed before the diety.

'Annadanam' for hundreds of people including school children is also arranged on this connection.

Navarathri Festival

Navarathri with its traditional fervour and gaiety is also celebrated.

Many children chew the taste of letters on 'Vidyarambam' day every year from this temple.

Durga Puja', 'Grantha Puja' and other puja's for Goddess Saraswathi also performed on the days of Navarathri.

Navarathri Festivals
Mandalakalam-Sabarimala Season

Mandalakalam (Sabarimala Season)

During 'Mandlakalam' (Vrushchikam 1 to 40 days) devotees of Lord Ayyappa throng in the temple for wearing the sacred garland attending 'Deeparadhana', 'Karpooraradhana' etc.

'Kettunira' is done before Lord Ayyappa the sub diety (Upadevatha).


One coconut Ganapathihomam ('Otta thenga Ganapathi homam') is performed on all days in the month of Karkkadakam and

a "Mahaganapathi Homam" with the active participation of all families is performed at the end of the month by the Chief Priest.

Ganapathi Homam


The holy book "Ramayana" is recited on all days during the month of Karkkadakam.


Another important celebration is 'Vishu' on the 1st of 'Medam'.

Vishukkani' is arranged in the temple and all worshippers do attend to have 'vishukkani' from the temple.

After 'Kani' darshan everyone is offered with 'Vishukkaineettam' and 'Unniyappam' by the priest of the temple.


'Shivarathri' & 'Niraputhari'

'Shivarathri', 'Niraputhari' etc. also celebrated in the temple with special pujas and functions.

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