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Koovery Lavil Thrikovil Sree Krishna Temple is one of the main Krishna Temple in Kannur District of Kerala

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Koovery Lavil Thrikovil Sree Krishna Temple

Lavil area of Koovery village situated on the banks of Kuppam River is rich in natural beauty with the serene atmosphere and untouched flora and fauna. The holy spirit of Lord SreeKrishna was witnessed in this area centuries ago and since then people began to worship Lord SreeKrishna here though there was not a well constructed temple here.

The age of the present Temple is considered to be more than300 years. The then owner of this area Chempakath Kookkunnam Illam established a "Thevara Madam" and worshipped Lord Sree Krishna. Later the land and temple owned by them came in the possession of the present owner of the temple viz "Maniyal Kokkunnam Illam", vellavu. The Nambudiris of Maniyal Kokkunnam Illam were very pious and god fearing and they continued to worship Lord Sreekrishna of Lavil Temple whole heartedly. The predecessors of the present Maniyal Kokkunnam Illam had many boons from Lord Sreekrishna by worshipping in this great temple. One such instance is narrated in the near history of the Illam.

When Kokkunnath Akkithiri Swamiyar by name "Rama" was the 'Karanavar' of this Illam, one wild elephant was fallen in a pit situated in the land owned by the temple owner. But the neighbouring plot owner claimed that the pit is in his land and hence he is the real owner of the elephant. This issue became serious and they approached the court of law. The Akkithiri Swamiyar by name "Rama" who was a true devotee of Lord Sreekrishna prayed before Sreekrishna of Lavil temple before attending the court proceedings. The decree of the court of law was in favour of Akkithiri Swamiyar and as a gesture of gratitude to the Lord; he covered the temple roof with copper sheets In place of old tiles.

Many devotees who prayed in the temple got their grief redressed.

Main Diety-Sree Krishna

Lord Sree Krishna is bekieved is the 9th avathar of lord Vishnu.

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Sub Diety-Shasthavu

Also Known as Ayyappa is the sun of the Shiva

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Main Saint

The main saint is Sri M K Maheshwaran Namboodiri (Ooralan).

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Present Committee

The present committe of the Sree Krishna Temple

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